Darren Bent on his way to Aston Villa?

Darrne Bent playing for England. Will he be wearing claret and blue on Saturday?

Reports are circling that Darren Bent has handed in a transfer request and is on his way to Aston Villa after the club made an offer of either £18mn if you believe some reports or £24mn if you believe others.

Darren Bent has proven himself to be a very decent striker, is still only 26 years old and when he isn't Twittering, he is on the pitch banging in goals.

He scored for fun at Ipswich, the same at Charlton, didn't really appear to do it at Spurs, although he was just warming up and he has done it at Sunderland. When you look at his goal to game ratio and if he comes to Aston Villa - you've got to finally hope we have a striker that can get us 20 league goals a season, if not more.

Scoring record

I've taken these numbers from Wiki, so please don't shoot me if they are wrong, but if they are, they're not going to be that far wrong - it is a pretty good indication that he knows where the goal is.

  • Ipswich Town - 47 goals in 122 appearances or a goal every 2.6 games
  • Charlton Athletic - 31 goals in 68 appearances or a goal every 2.2 games
  • Tottenham Hotspur - 18 goals in 60 appearances or a goal every 3.3 games
  • Sunderland - 32 goals in 58 appearances or a goal every 1.8 games
  • Professional career - 128 goals in 308 appearances or a goal every 2.4 games

If the deal happens, which I'd love it to, you've also got to fancy that Carew is almost certainly off. You might also worry, as details of the deal, if there really is one, are sketchy at the moment, if anyone is going the other way. There have been reports that Sunderland are interested in Downing.

I'm not sure how bad it would be to see Downing go, but if it has to happen to make the deal go through, I think most wouldn't be that bothered.

But this is all just speculation for now, but it is starting to hit the websites and the sports channels, so I fancy there is something in it and if he did come, for the amount, you've got to say, it might just be quite special.