Bent, Bannan and fantasy football

There really is little going on, which I think is actually good. It means business is done and the hard work is under way. It means, we might start well this season.

Sure, some players are going to leave, but if you want Darren Bent, you're going to make your offer with a few hours or a day or two to go, you're not going to make your offer now as you'll be paying more. Or, you could just pay what the club want and right now, I suspect they'll take anything, as he is costing every single day.

And there could be more coming in. We're missing someone in the middle of the pitch but the manager might not see that as urgent. He might think there is quality in the squad that make things work. We will find out.

Bannan leaving

I don't enjoy writing this next bit, but it really does look like Bannan is off. I've always liked Bannan from before he made it into the first team to today. And I'm convinced he has it and in the right side, he'll shine.

And it will be sad to see him leave but it is his time to spread his wings and I know there are reports that Blackburn are in for him, but I fancy he'll end up at a Premier League club; the lad has talent.

Fantasy football

Before I go today, there is a league and the details are here, but for those wanting just the facts, it's the official Premier League game and the code for the league is 796479-190406.

And even if I've got to pay for them myself this year, there will be a prize for the winner and it will be a good one. Sign up for your chance and let the banter begin, because I'm bloody useless at this.