Beaten by Leicester, the best team we've played this season

I think it's fair to say that we got given a footballing lesson yesterday. I think it's also fair to say that Leicester were the best team we have played this season. And that is strange to write. Leicester, the best team we've played.

But it also shows what is possible with the right people at the Club. Leicester really are a wonderful example of what is possible when you decide to do something that isn't how it was done in the past.

And we are on that path. Or I want to believe we are on that path. Only time will tell but in January is just around the corner and I suspect we will see a strong indication that we are on that path. But nobody ever got to the end of the path without walking the route.

Yes, I'm getting fairly philosophical this morning but the truth is that this is our first season back in the Premier League. We're experimenting with new players and we're not going to get it right first time. We are also going to get to some parts of the path that take longer to get over than others, while some we'll just walk straight through.

And I believe there is a maturity with supporters of Aston Villa today that know this. And while our position in the League may have some concerned, we are only three points from 13th and nine from fifth. I think we all see where we are for the right reasons.

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On Saturday we're away at Sheffield United and there are no must win games at this stage of the season, but there are games we must fancy we can get something. Saturday is one of them.

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