Bannan, The Fonz and Stewart Downing

Sometimes, just sometimes, an analysis of a match isn't needed. For the most part, we're a smart bunch so over analysing or looking at what some of the papers wrote about the weekend isn't necessary.

However, you do need to know that Marc Albrighton was voted the man of the match. He picked up 33.3% of the votes, which isn't the best winning margin, but it was enough. In second place was Nigel Reo-Coker with 17.9% of the vote and in third was Kyle Walker with 13.9%.

Barry Bannan joins Leeds

We do have some news though about one of my favourite players and the heading gives it away, but Barry Bannan has joined Leeds on loan until the end of the season and he might be playing tonight.

Leeds are at Preston tonight and I'm going to follow the game and maybe, with a bit of luck, I might find it on TV. I want Bannan to do well, I think he will and given time I think he can become a real star for us. Although it looks like it, the game isn't all about physical presence - some teams play with quality and I think Houllier knows this and I think he is giving Bannan a chance right now to show him he is capable.

Nathan Delfouneso maybe going out on loan

There is also talk that The Fonz is going out on loan with Burnley and this has to be seen as his chance. He will get others, but he is ready and he needs a run of games and if he gets them, in his preferred position, I'm convinced he will score and I'm convinced he will do well.

Sending players out on loan, when your squad is limited to 25 players, can only be seen as something for the player. I think both of these players will do well out on loan and I think they're going to create a headache for the manager next season and I'm happy about that, because that is the way it should be.

The game is broken

Stewart Downing, feeling suspicious over leaked reports to the press, decided to check a bank account that he expected to have £600,000.00 sitting in. When it didn't, he rolled over and got out of bed, showered, ate breakfast and called his agent. After a few weeks of checking other bank accounts and not finding the £500,000.00 that was missing, he called in the police or someone else and his agent is now in court on charges of taking it.

Now, I'm not a lawyer or legal expert, so I'm not going to pretend to know what is going on, but I think it is right to say that his agent is innocent until proven guilty or Stewart Downing discovers the cash down the back of his sofa.

At the end of the day

So, with not much else happening and us having another weekend off from football, I'm taking it easy from here on in. But the team of our generation will be announced very soon. I'm thinking Saturday - only because there isn't football and well, I need something to look forward to.

Until then, I'm off, I've got some work to do, but if you hear of anything interesting, post below.