Aston Villa win at The Circus and is it all down to Jack?

I’ve written before about growing up and supporting a side and how it must be tough for a father that supports Birmingham City to give that to his child. Why give years of pain to your child and why force mediocrity on them?

Jack Grealish has a dad and his dad watched his son play for the first time at The Circus and score the winning goal. Jack should thank his dad, because it could have been different.

And that has to be the hard part about supporting Birmingham City.

Think about the man that came onto the pitch and attached Jack in the first half. There are reports that that person is called Paul Mitchell from Dordon and if it is him, his children are going to grow up struggling because of their dad.

If it is him and I have to write that because we’re not sure yet, but if it is, he’s not going to have a great time of it either in the near future. But he’s done it and probably because of his dad too.

What I’m trying to get across is that we have to feel sorry for them. They have it hard. Imagine supporting a Club like that and forever having the shadow of a Club like ours to deal with.

Today was their FA Cup Final (we all saw the balloons) and they lost. Feel sorry for them tomorrow because it’s the big thing to do. Don’t lower yourself to their level and strike out at someone when they’re not looking.

The match

And this is the part that I should focus on because today, we looked composed. They didn’t really threaten and the football from them was very basic. We looked the better side in all departments and while we didn’t create as many chances as I think we would have all liked, it was enough.

It was almost as if we allowed the day to take over and that is something the manager has to work on if true.

In short, we were better but we never really felt any pressure, until the last few minutes, but that was always going to happen because it always does.

Three more points and things are looking better. Is it all down to Jack?