Aston Villa well and truly spanked by Chelsea

It would be very easy to get carried away on the back of the result today, but we should take notice of the performance too. We should also maybe ask for Paul Lambert to care of his appearance, but that is something else and nobody will agree with me, so I'll leave it alone for now.

The truth is, we were beaten by a side that is in full flow now, under a manager that knows how to get the best out of the players he has and in fairness, most of the Chelsea side are world class players, so that makes it a little easier, if as manager, that is what you can do.

I'm even publishing this post early because we are seven-nil down after 83 minutes and I'm absolutely confident that we are not going to get anything from this game and while I am going to sit here and watch the rest of the game and again tomorrow, we shouldn't get carried away.

Spanking and a shave

Chelsea, under Red Rafa, are a side to be wary of and the proved it today. The first two goals were lovely. The others were not that bad either. You could even say that the first was the 'perfect header' it was that good.

The truth is and I made these excuses earlier, we're not ready. But, the manager gave it a go today and for that and that alone, we have to look for the positives. We didn't sit back and defend, we went for it and we played the ball about and sure, we sat back at the end, but we didn't start that way.

And it isn't about players. Bannan for example was played way out of position today and if you're going to go at a side, you don't play the same formation that you played the week before against a side that you say back it.

This manager is young and he will learn. The good managers do. For now, I wish you all a very happy Christmas. I'll be back before the new year.

In addition

The game finished 8-0 to Chelsea. And yes, if Paul Lamber is going to manage our Football Club, the absolute least he can do is shave. I'm going to hide my head for a few days.