Aston Villa v The Clowns: Team news, links and banter

This is a big match. We need to win because we need the points. Not beating Everton at home might very well cost us fifth place but if we don't win today I think it is fairly certain we won't get fifth place.

We need to sing and sing loud. We need to support and support loud. We need to believe and believe loud. Today is about noise.

We will update this page with team news fairly soon, some people might drop the odd link to the odd other website and I will be back, hopefully sober, about 20 minutes before kick off to start my match updates.

The one name I am going to be looking out for is Craig Gardner. I was, still am a big fan and I hope he goes on to do well in his career. I hope he also plays too, because it will be good for us having him play - because regardless of what the Circus PR machine threw out, we know he is Villa.

If you have something of interest before kick off, please let us know below but for now, if you can, save your voice and remember, pig shit comes out in the wash.