Aston Villa v Manchester United, the Celtic supporting Paisley girl, apologies, excuses and interviews

Where do I start today? I think I need to get some apologies out of the way before I get to my excuses. So, Derek, if you are reading this, I apologise. Wayne, I also apologise for my leaving so abruptly. To the cab driver last night, I also apologise for anything I might have said on the way back to my hotel.

Now, to the excuses. I only ate one sandwich yesterday and basically had one beer and tequila more than I should have. I feel awful today and that is punishment enough, but I had such great plans for yesterday and it all started to go wrong on the plane to London and the two beers. I won't be making the same mistake again, okay, I probably will, but I am not making any promises today.

That is where we get to the Celtic supporting Paisley girl. I've no idea of her name, but her dad looks like Martin O'Neill when he puts glasses on, she works for, I think Thomas Cook and was just coming back from Thailand. I think she has an Italian name so if someone can find out the name and post it below, with the name of her Rangers supporting fiancé, you'll win a t-shirt.

After I landed, I rushed to get checked in to my hotel and before you know it I am sat in a pub and when you are sat in a pub at 3pm on a Friday, you know the day isn't going to finish well. It didn't and all I really remember is getting back to the hotel at about 8pm and waking this morning at about 5am with a thumping head. No drinking today. Okay, not much drinking today.

League Cup Final

So, away from what happened yesterday and to the football. I did an interview with The Republik of Mancunia yesterday. I think I answered as most would answer, but go have a look.

They asked a question about O'Neill and the United job and I asked them to answer it instead. You might find an answer or two on their comments section, I haven't read them all yet, as I'm still struggling to find the right letters on the keyboard of this post that I started four hours ago.

So, today is the day before and I have a day filled with shopping for a very specific piece of Indiana Jones Lego for my son before heading off to the Sports Cafe and then maybe Covent Garden as I have a feeling there will be a few Aston Villa fans congregating.

Sing loud and proud

So, the day is almost upon us. Where ever you are today or tomorrow, what ever you may be doing. If you see someone wearing claret and blue, give them an acknowledging nod of the head. You know and I know, that tomorrow is our day.