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Aston Villa kit coming in November and Houllier not officially manager

Stoke is coming up later and it will be a good game and I really do think we will get three points, even though I know Stoke is a hard place to go, but it is only Stoke and we really should. But more on Stoke later. Did you ever think you would see the word Stoke in the same paragraph five times?

So, moving one. With the news that the club are not getting their template Nike shirt until November, a rumour is doing the rounds, okay, started by me, that the club are going to 'really' do the right thing and reduce the price of the shirt.

They say they are doing that now, but they're not really. You see, saying the recommended retail price had gone up is just that - words. It hadn't really gone up, it had gone up because of this fiasco.

Do you think the club could get away with having a recommended retail price more than 10% higher than the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea? No they couldn't.

Free shirt printing is nothing and something given away every year for a period of time. If the club want to do the right thing they either confirm that the home kit will be used for two seasons or they properly reduce the price to reflect the length of time in the season that supporters are without it.

November is four months in, so I say reduce the price of the shirt by 40% of the real price of £45, not a made up price of £50.

Hard to swallow I know, but think of it this way; the sponsor is in place and you get an extra year of not having to worry about the kit reaching the shops on time and maybe, just for a change, we could have the new kit at the end of next season, in time for the summer when everyone really wants to be walking around in the new kit.

Genius I tell you, genius.


This would have all happened over the weekend, but I'm mentioning it now. The first rumour is that Gérard Houllier is interested in wee Michael Owen. I think that is nice, but I don't think it will happen, but that is just me.

But it wouldn't surprise me. Things in football rarely do. However, I would be as surprised as a very surprised person if the rumour that Houllier hasn't signed his contract with us, is true.

There was something on Sky Sports that said he has not yet signed his contract and I can not believe it for a second. You don't parade a new manager if he hasn't signed the contract. You simply don't.

Last bit of speculation this morning, again from the weekend, is that Middlesbrough assistant Gary McAllister is top of the wanted list to be the new assistant manager at Aston Villa.

Fancy a game of Cluedo?

Is it true, does it matter? Until the club confirm that Gérard Houllier has a signed contract and a start date - Kevin MacDonald is my manager and he doesn't need help from Gary McAllister.

I'm only playing today but there is something not right at the moment. No kit until November and a manager with no contract. Top it all off that we have the owner selling and buying players - it just doesn't seem like things are happening as they are supposed to be happening.

Stoke post coming up later. I'm off for breakfast, coffee and a fight with the one year old over why she isn't allowed to climb up onto the table.