Aston Villa through and Brad Guzan saves four penalties

I didn´t see or hear the match tonight but I´ve been getting text messages, emails and the odd instant message, but I didn´t see anything so I can´t comment. However, that sort of doesn´t matter, because we have a result and it was exactly what we wanted.

There will be a sort of post-mortem tomorrow but the news will be that Brad Guzan saved four penalties tonight. I think it was four wasn´t it?

So, we are through and I can´t comment but I will say that from what I gather it wasn´t the best game, but like I´ve said, it doesn´t matter, we are through.

So, that is about it, no man of the match vote, as I´m giving it to Brad Guzan, because that is my choice and just for this game, I´m using it.

I don´t know who I want in the next round, maybe Liverpool away, if they beat Arsenal anyone?

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