Oh, what a night: Aston Villa spank then thrash Liverpool

There are not many times I've written a post when I believe that absolutely everyone is going to agree with me. By everyone I mean every Aston Villa fan. But this is one of them.

When we beat Fulham, one paper called it a thrashing. If beating Fulham was a thrashing, what do we call tonight? I think spanking is too tame a word, but that happened early on. We then thrashed them, but there has to be a better word to describe what we did to the Champions tonight.

We started the right way and we went out for the win and we were given our reward for that with the early goal. We deserved it and we were on top. And we could have had two or three more. All this while Liverpool tried to play the way Liverpool play, but even while they were doing that, we still looked good every time we got the ball and went forward.

And we were clearly better than the Champions defensively. We looked better than the Champions in midfield and we looked much better up front. All this playing what some might say is almost the Liverpool way.

Even with 20 minutes to go when we're winning 6-2 we're still chasing balls down and forcing pressure on them. This is what wins games.

And I don't know what else to write. I've got to be up in seven hours, but I think I'm going to find it hard to go to sleep tonight.

But before I go, there isn't a player that stands out from today because they all looked fantastic. Just in case you thought I should be mentioning someone. They were all excellent and everything about this evening was excellent.

Lets enjoy it for what it is, three points. But oh, what a night.