Aston Villa show Manchester City how to take chances and claim three points

Hands up, I thought we were going to get spanked today. I didn't think we had a chance in hell. I was wrong and not many of you were right.

Not many people thought we were going to win today and I'll I've got to say is, where was the faith? Okay, I'm joking, that is a joke. Nobody can be blamed for thinking we were going to get a proper spanking.

And After the first half, you could have easily thought it was coming. We were poor and we basically sat back and let them come at us.

But the second half was different. Sure, Manchester City still came at us, but we took our chances and get this; we won the game with the longest ball of the day.

But the stats tell a story. We only had 33% possession in the match and four attempts on target. So basically we converted 75% of the chances we had on target and everyone will have to accept that fortune was on our side today based on those numbers.

But the only thing that matters is the result and we won. Manchester City twice went in the lead but twice we didn't give up and with Guzan hitting long for Kozak to touching the ball on for Weimann, we won.

And on that note and because I said I was going to, I'm leaving it now otherwise we're all going to get carried away, but look at it this way; two points ahead of Manchester United and one point off European football. You can't complain right now.

And before I go; El Ahmadi got the first, Bacuna scored with a lovely free kick and Weimann got the winner tapping it past Hart from outside the box.

Now time to gloat at Manchester United fans.