Aston Villa share the points with Arsenal

Statistics of the match will come tomorrow but it was fairly even on shots and we did come close once or twice, as did Arsenal, but neither team really did enough to win it.

Arsenal never really got playing like we know they can and you could say that that was because of how we played, although on the counter today, we didn´t look as convincing as we have done this season.

So, the points are shared, we remain in seventh place and we have Fulham to look forward to on Saturday.

So, all that is left for you tonight is to vote for your man of the match - my vote goes to Webcam, as he looked better tonight and I suspect he has been working on his crossing because they looked better too.

More tomorrow, with post-mortem and some statistics and maybe a t-shirt winner, I have to check.

On that note, I am turning over to watch Manchester United v Manchester City - it is currently 2-1 to United, so extra time and penalties are on the horizon, unless someone scores.