Aston Villa Saturday: Live football, speculation, video and banter

We were out last night but we had to leave early because my 7 month old daughter didn't go to sleep as she should and when she wakes after the first time we know she is going to struggle so we had to cut short our evening. What this means is, I've woken full of energy with a clear head and Saturday is looking like it's going to be a good day.

This means, I've had my bet, I've read the papers and I've found a video worth watching. I've also found a rumour that doesn't include a player and all of that, with a little bit of news is getting listed on one page. I'll be back about an two hours before kick off and I'm arriving with a beer.


This might not be new, but I've read a rumour today that the new sponsor for next season is going to be Tata Group. Now, this is just speculation and will get treated as such, but they're no Mickey Mouse company - they have interest in steel, automobiles, information technology, communication, power, tea and hospitality and had revenues of over $70 billion in 2008/09.

Now, it is speculation, so treat it any way you want but I think it is fair to say we will be looking for a sponsor and that maybe Mr Lerner won't be as picky as he was that led to Acorns getting on the shirt.


Martin O'Neill was named manager of the month for April. Let's hope he can carry it on for the two games he has in May. Well done Mr O'Neill, although I'm fairly sure he doesn't really care that much about these awards, although he'll probably never say so much.

Video of the Day

I think we need something special for today and I literally woke to this song earlier and it is in my head. {rokbox title=|Aston Villa Beautiful Day :: It will be a beautiful day for Aston Villa| text=|This is my song of the day and I'll be playing it just before kick off|size=|960 745| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}.

Manchester City live

Today is a big match and we do need to win. We don't have to win and we could lose today and still finish fourth but fifth is very much in our hands if we want it.

Team news, Twitter updates and everything else later. Do you have a prediction?