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Aston Villa rumours, Ronald Koeman and poll results

A wise man once said 'a great player doesn't make a great manager' and that is, I'm afraid, what Ronald Koeman will be remembered as; a great player and someone that should never have got involved in football management.

Apparently he is on a shortlist of managers to replace the previous incumbent. Sorry to write this, but if anyone has seriously thought about putting him on a shortlist, then that person should walk up to the top floor of the building they are in, find a window and jump.

Ronlad Koeman would be as successful at this football club as Diego Maradona (who would only be doing it for the money) or as successful as Gordo was. If Ronald Koeman is seriously getting thought of as a replacement, then someone has to seriously think about what they are doing professionally. Sorry Ron and whoever created this shortlist.


We have apparently made an approach for Polish side Jagiellonia Bialystok's 22-year-old winger Kamil Grosicki. Sorry once more, but I've not heard, so can't really comment and it is just a rumour. I'm not even sure where it came from but if it was The Mirror it won't happen.

Another rumour is that Steve Sidwell is getting chased around town by Roberto Di Matteo but Sidwell won't slow down, he thinks Di Matteo is it.

Man of the Match

You don't need to be a genius to have known this, but Marc Albrighton won the man of the match vote after the West Ham game the other day with 84.3%. I don't know if anyone has ever got that high a vote for man of the match. Are you reading this Mr O'Neill?

If the lad can keep doing what we all know he is capable of and someone at the club is keeping his head on straight, then I see a bright future for this player, I really do.


In the other quick question we asked you this week, we have another big result. 81.8% of you think Kevin MacDonald should be appointed the new manager of Aston Villa.

You know what - I like this. This is real faith in someone and the beauty of this is, he is an Aston Villa man. If he gets it and he does well, he isn't going anywhere.

Right - that is it for now. I am off to clean out the garage.