Aston Villa remain seventh after draw with Spurs

I know I will annoy people with what I am about to write, but the thing is, we needed the three points today. Not because we would be relegated if we didn´t get them, but because we can no longer pretend to be pretenders.

We are a long way off top four. Disagree with me by all means, but if we finish in the top four in the next ten years, I will be surprised.

But, I accept this. You might not and you have every right to disagree with me, but unless things change, we will not be a top four club and I am actually embarrassed putting that into a post and not because we won´t be a top four club, but because we now look at finishing in the top four as success.

I accept we will not finish top four and you know what, I don´t care about that at the moment. We have a League Cup final coming up and I didn´t think this season would be anything special when it started and deep down, nothing has happened to make me think any different.

It was summed up for me in the 87th minute when we had a throw in very deep into the Spurs half and the ball was headed towards Webcam and instead of crossing it in, he let the ball go out to waste time. Probably five minutes to go and we are wasting time at 0-0 - we didn´t want to win it.

The result today, some will say, was a good one and I´ll run with that for now, just to not rock the boat, but we were ultimately lucky. In the end, we were lucky not to lose and well, I suspect O´Neill is happy with a point but I am not. You might say I am asking too much, but I think we have to demand more otherwise we won´t get better.

But, the League Cup final comes soon and we have a really good opportunity in the FA Cup and some will see that as progress. I just want silverware for my club and if I am wrong, I apologise.