Aston Villa player threatens to quit and others will be leaving too

Habib Beye has threatened to quit the club because he has had to watch a midfielder and a centre back play in his preferred position, while he just sits on the bench. This, according to the Daily Star.

So, seeing as it isn't a reputable player - expect this to be rubbished immediately and don't be surprised if a club PR person comes out to rubbish this talk, after telepathically communicating with Martin O'Neill, the moment he read it about it.

I'm only joking, playing if you will, but the paper do have quotes.

Habib Beye
Things are not going too well for me at Villa, I have only played in 10 games in all ­competitions. This is the first time in 12 years I’ve had a season like this – and it is not easy for me to put up with.

But, just because a paper says they have quotes from a player, doesn't mean they are actually from the player. For all we know they could have just made this all up. Otherwise, if we believed everything we read in the paper, then it would be very very hard for some.

But, this isn't just about Beye. Gardner left in January, chances are high that Reo-Coker will be off too and the likes of Harewood, bought for a fairly large amount and never given a proper run, will also be off. Who else?

You see, you might say we have a small squad and to an extent, we do, but we also have a few players that are not playing and the manager, despite knowing he has a squad and that last season he played less players than anyone else, is only going to alienate players by not playing a modern game.

When I say modern game, I mean, you can't play a centre back at right back when you have two on the bench only to keep him in the team because we did better with him at centre back. There was a reason he played so well at centre back. Rotate players instead of waiting until they fall down tired or stop performing.

So, a player or two will be leaving in the summer. I think that is fair to assume - who else do you think will be going? I only ask because there is all this talk of players coming in - if the manager loses too many then he might struggle to replace them, before he can concentrate on getting the players that can really elevate Aston Villa.