Aston Villa lose to Sheffield United and something has to soon change at Aston Villa

I've got no problem looking at the lower leagues for a player or two. Sometimes, you can find a real gem that is going to come good. And you know what, with the right coaching and the right amount of time, you could even pick a few players from lower leagues.

What I'm saying is, I don't think it's because we've picked up players from lower leagues. I'm starting to think that it is Paul Lambert. I'm starting to think that it might not happen under Lambert.

But we're not going down and I'm not saying he should be sacked. Maybe if he was man enough he'd resign, but he's probably stubborn enough to believe he can make it work, but it isn't, so he has to change things.

And if you put ten professional footballers in a room and ask them a difficult question, most will get it wrong. I write this because footballers are more often than not, not the most intelligent people, so they need coaching. They need to be developed.

But if Lambert isn't sacked, he either needs to be taken to one side and told what is going to happen or, if he's man enough, he makes the changes himself. And that has to happen with his coaching staff.

But I'm not sure he's man enough. He hasn't responded to my invitation for a hangout and that is probably because he knows he'll not be able to answer the questions without looking like he doesn't know what he's doing.

Boos at the final whistle

But when you lose at home in the only competition that you have a chance of winning silverware in, to a League One side flirting with the relegation zone, it's simply not good enough.

And the boos at half time, during the match and the final whistle say so much. Something has to change and I suspect something will.