Aston Villa lose 3-0 at Arsenal but remain fourth in Premier League

It was always going to be hard playing Arsenal and today it was made easier for Arsenal because we lacked the fluidity going forward that we have had the past few games. Today there was no evidence of it.

It was summed up for me in or around the 70th minute when Petrov had the ball, was taking it forward over the half way line but Carew and Gabby were 25 yards in front of him, not dropping back and there was nothing for Petrov to do other than pass back for someone to hit long.

But, it wasn´t just that and like I said, it was always going to be hard today and Arsenal were a test that we just couldn´t overcome. I think player wise it was summed up best that while it was still 0-0, Arsenal brought on Fabregas, let him him score two goals then they brought him off again. We lack that real quality in the middle who can also attack.

Still, we were going to lose eventually and results yesterday were good for us. Now we need three points against Liverpool because despite almost predicting all the results yesterday, I fancy Spurs will win tomorrow and we might find ourselves entering the New Year in fifth place, which will be one place worse off than this time last season.

So, this is just a news post. The important match is Tuesday night and I hope we do better, much better and before I forget; don´t worry about this result - how we react to it on Tuesday night is the important thing.

Also, please vote for your man of the match. I´m going for King Carlos - he was impressive again today.