Aston Villa links, ring tone and video with not a sniff of speculation anywhere

In case any were wondering, it is called the quiet before the storm. It is going to get quite busy any day now and just so you know, I'm thinking I might start it tomorrow, for the banter.

But until tomorrow, there is nothing really to talk about. So, I'm going to dump some links for you instead and some video that you might not have seen.

First up is backing the Birmingham bid to be a host city of England win the 2018 World Cup bid. I fancy they will you know and I fancy Birmingham will also get some matches so this is sort of pointless, but it's good PR. So, click here to back the Birmingham bid.

Have I told you about Midlands Memorabilia? If I haven't, you should click here to visit them. It isn't just Villa, but there is some interesting stuff, if you are interested in memorabilia that is.

Also, with a certain match coming up {rokbox title=|Aston Villa beat The Clowns :: Another vicotry for Aston Villa, just not three points| text=|I've found this video here on YouTube|size=|853 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox}. Now I could have gone for something a little more recent but I really do quite like this one as the season actually meant something back then. Fantastic couple of saves from Bosnich too.

Okay, I really am running out of things to link to, so we'll turn to the news. The academy beat Charlton away 2-0 yesterday or the day before with a goal from Gary Gardner. The academy team now have seven points from a possible nine. Not bad going is it and hopefully soon we will start to see some of the youngsters at the club given little runs by Martin O'Neill.

Before I go, because I appear to be in a giving mood, right click here save as to download a ring tone for your phone. You'll recognise it.

Right, that is about it. I have that wallpaper to hang and some coffee to drink. If there is anything, we will bring it to you and unless the wife gives birth, big preview tomorrow.