Aston Villa in the next round of the League Cup is the most important thing

There is something better than three points and that’s three points, winning 5-0, having 80% possession, 30 shots and 15 on target. And doing all that with homegrown players. But it’s not more important than three points.

The most important thing is winning. Its’s winning and that’s what we did last night.

By all accounts, it wasn’t pretty. Yeovil had a goal disallowed, had a penalty saved and there were a couple of chances cleared off the line by Tuanzebe . You could say we were lucky.

But I didn’t watch the game because it wasn’t on TV where I am. I listened on the radio and I don’t think I’m wrong when I say everyone is just happy that we got into the next round.

But there will also be some moaning and complaining because we didn’t get everything. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t the first team, not does it matter that for the opposition, it’s probably the biggest game they’ll have all season. No, for some not beating Yeovil 5-0 with a team of homegrown players, having 80% possession and thirty shots is reason to complain and moan.

Me, I’ll take a 1-0 just like that every game this season, if it means promotion and silverware. But maybe I’m special and maybe I look at our current position in English football as something else. I certainly don’t think we have a divine right to anything.

But I’m old fashioned, you all know this. But we did have 63% possession, twice as many shots on target and our keeper made a penalty save. And from what I heard on the radio, the traveling support loved it and had a lot of fun.

Onto Saturday. A win this weekend could see us sitting top of the table after three matches and what was it about last season that cost us promotion? That’s it, the poor start.