Aston Villa go four games undefeated after draw with Stoke

There is nothing really of note to write about this game other than we worked hard, which was nice and every player looked like they wanted the ball and again, that was nice.

But neither keeper had to make any save of note and that sort of sums up the game. There were shots - look at the stats here, but none made a keeper make a save.

And for all the possession, that would have been nice. But still, we've gone four games without defeat now and that is a step in the right direction.

And steps in the right direction are basically all we should be after right now and because we are getting that, we have to be happy.

The players

Guzan, Clark, Lichaj, Baker, Lowton, Westwood, Bannan (Delph - 78' ), Herd, Gabby (Bent - 66' ), Holman (Ireland - 66' ) and Benteke.