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Aston Villa 1 Everton 0: Fourth place looks good from here

Well, I have a lot to say about today, but I think I'll save it for later as I've had just enough to drink that means I want more, but it does feel good doesn't it?

We are three games into the season and we are currently in fourth place, above the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Spurs - what do we have to complain about?

The truth is, it is early in the season and things can change. Things have for us - not so long ago, our manager walked out on us, but we have worked it out and things are going along okay.

Beating Everton is a good result and I'm happy. I'm also happy that Luke Young got the goal and all round the effort today was fantastic.

I don't know who my man of the match is yet, but you get to vote to the right and we will be doing the match analysis post tomorrow, when I've sobered and woken up.

Until then, up the Villa. I'm happy and so should you be too.