Aston Villa for sale. Again

In December last year I tweeted something I heard about Lerner wanting to sell Aston Villa. In February, the story broke, or should I say the speculation started. It's all here for those that want a refresher.

On the same day of that post, the club denied it. In all likelihood, it was probably Faulkner getting a question and him not knowing what was happening, so I wont suggest that it was just PR. Today, it's in the national press that as long as we stay up, there is a sale happening.

I feel sorry for Randy Lerner because since he took over it hasn't gone to plan and he's lost interest. It would be hard not to. But he has been sold on something from people that didn't really know what they were doing.

Like a headless chicken

And today, Lerner might as well read sites 'like' this to get a real feel for what is happening at the club, because I'm convinced there is nobody 'at' the club that can help him.

So I for one would will be happy if we are actually sold to someone else but at the exact same time, I'll wish it could have worked for Lerner. But, he was here for the cash, he just didn't have enough to make it happen. Or he probably did and he didn't realise just how close he was.

And, if we do have a new owner or as Matt Law is suggesting, a consortium then surely they will know what is needed and hopefully, I pray this is the case anyway, they are working on what needs to be done right now, to make Aston Villa the club it once was and so easily could be again.

Make Aston Villa great again

Look at Liverpool; seventh last season and the Premier League title is within grasp. And with Manchester United struggling this season and possibly struggling next season, if they commit to David Moyes, there is an opportunity for a top four place. Just look at Everton.

And if there is a consortium, which does worry me a bit, then they will be working on what is needed. They would have, no doubt, identified a new manager and would have spoken to him. Players would have been identified and they'll know what they have to invest in the summer.

And if this is all true, they'll also want to do act on this quickly, so no doubt, just like when Lerner took over, they'll come out with the machine and make us all feel special again. I'm hoping, again if this is all true, that you'll see through it this time. Enjoy it, but understand what it is. It's insights and it's telling you what you want to hear at the same time as trying to deliver it.

But, it will be good for Aston Villa. We need change and while I'm against managerial change at the moment, if we have a new owner come in with a desire for success, we will need to change, because Lambert was never going to be able to drive success at this club.

At the exact same time and for clarity, if Lerner stays, I still think Lambert should get to October to show us he can change.

And with the coaching staff changes this week, you never know, it could get better. We might even find out this weekend if there has been any immediate impact.

And on that, back to Lerner

You might have noticed that I didn't post anything when Lerner spoke this week. It's because it was PR and I suspect the club were trying to hide something. Whenever Lerner takes a shit, there is a PR conference at Villa and he didn't actually say anything.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was the Aston Villa PR man running the comments past his office and someone at that end signing off on them.

It was just hot air. But one thing I'm confident about now is that Aston Villa are actually for sale, but for that to happen, we have to have Premier League football next season and a win at the weekend will go a long way to confirming that and hopefully bringing this rumoured sale closer to reality.