Aston Villa draw with Swansea and go back up to eighth

Aston Villa drew at Swansea and while I predicted a win, I'm not surprised we failed to win or score a goal. The result is pretty much par for the course as an Aston Villa fan at the moment.

I write, at the moment, because it can not be long for this manager. When you go Swansea and don't win and play, for the most part not very well, there was a bit more about us in the second half and we looked a lot better when Jenas and Bannan came on, you have to start to accept that time is running out for the manager and he must know it.

But I'm taking a moment from the match. We all knew we were going to draw or not win before the match and we are eighth again, even though quite possibly ninth if Everton get a point against Spurs with their game in hand. I'm leaving the football for a moment because there was some sad news today.

Gary Speed

Gary Speed decided to end it all last night and according to reports, he hung himself. It isn't the way we expect people to go out but he must have had demons of some description to decide to do that and well, it just seems like football isn't everything when you hear about that.

Yes, I want to moan about our manager and the football, but that isn't going to change today, even though it should. So, I'm going to watch Liverpool beat Manchester City while you take a moment to vote for the man of the match to the right.

So, football is secondary for the rest of the day. I might watch it, but there are more important things.