Aston Villa draw at Sunderland and we were a little unlucky, sort of

Some things in life are free, but as an Aston Villa fan, you pay for it. Not many predicted anything other than a draw today and while they came close to getting it wrong, they didn't.

You could argue that there was an urgency about the players today, but there is an urgency in the playground with a group of four year olds, it doesn't mean anything.

But we did go looking for it in the second half and on balance, we were the better side overall. I'd say the first half was fairly even, but we wanted it more in the second. We just decided that we were not going to lose. It is what this manager does.

What can I say though? The first goal was quite special. Gabby was down the left and he played a great ball across the ground to the other side of the pitch to Hutton, who found Petrov, who shot from 25 yards out into the top of the net. It looked good.

Then Sunderland got an equaliser. Darren Bent was booed throughout the game, but I don't think it effected him. Chris Herd also didn't look out of place - in fact he looked good and you can see he is learning.

But with five minutes to go, we got what I thought was the winner. Dunne was up for a free kick and like every free kick we had in their half today, it went into the box (one was taken on the half way line and lifted in), but Dunne jumped higher than anyone else and got his head on it. I honestly thought we had won then.

But then Sunderland moved up a gear and went looking - something they hadn't done in the second half and no sooner had they started looking, they found it. Equaliser a couple of minutes later.

All things considered, we wanted it more, but we didn't have the luck and I think only four or five shots on target in ninety minutes. You can't argue with that.

Stat time

Before I go though, something interesting: we've lost more points this season than any other side from winning positions. I think it is now nine. Imagine where we would be in the table had we held on to those wins?

Right - I'm off to drink beer. Please vote for your man of the match to the right.