Aston Villa defended better, created more and played more like a team to beat Chelsea

I heard a lot of Chelsea fans moaning on the radio at the weekend and on one of the podcasts I listened to this morning on the way into the office. Have they forgotten about the incidents that took place earlier this season at Stamford Bridge?

Things evened themselves out as far as I'm concerned but the truth is, there was a handball for their goal but we deserved to win. We had double as many chances on target as them and man for man, we didn't lose any battles.

And that is the short part of it. But the long part is this; it's starting to get better again at pretty much the same time as it did last season. And it's taken this long because of the changes in the summer.

Okay, that is a bold statement to make but it was one I made at the start of the season and before that. Things were going okay last season, we didn't need to make the number of chances we did. But we did and while I thought, because we made them early enough, it should be enough time, I was wrong.

I hope we continue on this good form and I hope that if we do, we don't make as many changes this summer. I hope for a lot, it doesn't always happen.

The match

And that is almost the post but worth pointing out that Delph played well and scored, although I'm not convinced he meant it and also that Joe Bennett had a great game and all of a sudden he's getting a lot of praise. Personally, I don't know why he hasn't started all season, but there you go.

And as I wrote above, man for man, we were better than Chelsea. We created more, defended better and played more like a team. It was refreshing and perfect timing. The Holte End liked it too.

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