Aston Villa beaten by Manchester City after going out not to lose and a message to Gary Neville and other football pundits

Aston Villa didn't go out to win today. Aston Villa went out not to lose and look how it turned out. I think in ninety minutes we had two attempts on target and both of those were soft headers my seven year old son would have caught.

Alex McLeish is slowly destroying Aston Villa Football Club and the blame for that rests very firmly with the CEO and owner who decided to appoint him.

We sat back for the vast majority of the game and didn't look like a side wanting to win, let alone score. It was only the last three or four minutes when we actually started to take a little pride but by then Manchester City had decided that they were going to protect what they had.

This is what is wrong with Aston Villa at the moment and this is what people in the football world need to understand. It isn't about where McLeish came from, although that was always going to give him less time, it is the way he sets up his teams to play football.

His football, much like the protest today, is and was embarrassing.

The protest

I wasn't there so I can not comment, but I'm told it was two people holding up two pieces of A3 paper with 'McLeish Out' written on them. It was always going to be embarrassing and it turned out as predicted.

So, I leave you now, because I don't want to write something I might regret - but it is going to get worse before it gets better and there soon has to be change, because season tickets for next season are going on sale soon and the club are calling supporters asking if they are going to renew and they are going to know they have to do something.

So either expect a new manager or a signing to appease supporters - it is the Doug Ellis way and Randy Lerner is just another Doug Ellis - just without the football knowledge.

We are now fifteenth and it isn't good enough.


Ashley Young was at the game today, as was Craig Gardner.

Also, Gary Neville seems to think Alex McLeish is a good manager and the supporters are only against him because of where he came from. I want to put this right, once and for all, for Gary Neville and all the other football pundits that are saying this, quite coincidentally at the same time, it isn't because of where he came from.

It is because of what he serves up, week in week out and what he has served up as a Premier League manager, week in week out.

Because of where he came from he hasn't had as much time as someone else might have got, but that was always going to happen and that shouldn't be a surprise for anyone, least of all Gary Neville and all the other football pundits, people who claims to know a thing or two about football.