Aston Villa beat Wigan at Wigan for first Premier League win in March for Martin O´Neill at Aston Villa

We deserved the three points tonight and we got them. We stay in seventh place but we are only one point behind Manchester City and this was exactly the result we had to get.

I´m not going to go into too much detail because that is for tomorrow and after I have watched the game again but barring the opening 20 minutes or so and the last five - it was all us.

An own goal and a James Milner shot from thirty yards did it for us tonight and while we have to be quite fortunate for the first goal, we did create chances.

In the first half we had nine shots - five on target and we were unfortunate to go in all level, but a Wigan fan could also argue they were unfortunate to be losing too - either way, the stats say we had more of it in the first and the second. Basically, we deserved the three points.

Post-mortem and more analysis tomorrow, for now, another beer for me and I think I´m going to watch the match again right now - it was actually quite entertaining.