Aston Villa beat The Clowns, again. Six times in a row now

There is only one important thing about these matches and that is winning. We won today and that is what the record books will say. They wont say that we were quite fortunate, it will only say we won.

The thing is and this is where we can take heart; we did grind it out. We didn't really turn up today and our below average side still beat them on what some of them will no doubt say was one of the best performances from that side in a very long time.

So, three points in the bag and up to fifth place but on the same points as Spurs in fourth. We have played a game more than both Spurs and Manchester City, but one of those, I suspect is going to lose to the other and I think it will be Spurs that win.

Anyway, for right now, I'm off to have a beer. I deserve it. Post-mortem tomorrow and please vote for your man of the match to the right.