Aston Villa beat Sunderland with a bit of style and a passing game

At the end of the first half I was sure my man of the match was going to be Carlos Cueller. He was everywhere and I picked him despite James Milner setting up the opening goal for Emile Heskey and that moment really did put a smile on my face.

However, after James Milner scored what I described on Twitter, or didn´t really describe, as ´wonderful isn´t a good enough word - 30 yards out .. superb´, I changed my mind.

Now, I have absolutely no doubt some of you will say I should start to get a little more optimistic, but I´m not going to just yet, but tonight was much better than a few weeks ago and it was against a team that can play decent football and at the very least, make it very difficult.

I´m also not going to say it is just me, but a lot of us on this site were calling for James Milner to be put in the middle a long long time ago and since he has played in the middle, you just have to be happy.

With Milner in the middle we have stopped hitting long and instead, we look to pass the ball about. The first goal came from us wanting to pass and while it was only two or three passes, it was passing and it worked.

There was also a moment in the second half that led to Ashley Young hitting the post when we must have had fifteen passes in the build up and it was lovely to watch. Really, really lovely.

Anyway, this is just a news post, tomorrow there will be a double bubble post-mortem as I didn´t get round to one for the United game. I´m going to go sit and think for a while.

For the record also, I´m not getting carried away, but it is much better. There is still a very large chunk of the season to go and I have a feeling January will be very important.

Last season, Arsenal did what they had to in January and today, Red Rafa has guaranteed top four for Liverpool, so I expect them to spend big on one or two players and basically, I think we need to also.

We will see, but the football is looking much better, we are passing it about and looking more composed. I´m a very happy Aston Villa fan tonight and I have a feeling you lot will be too.

Did I mention we are back up to third and that Richard Dunne and Carlos Cueller were both excellent? Anyway, goodnight.