Aston Villa beat Liverpool 3-1 at Anfield

Tonight, we played 4-5-1 and tonight we looked like a team that could have beaten anyone.

Nigel Reo-Coker is my man of the match and if I had to give him a score out of ten he would get a nine and I put it down completely to the formation.

We did tonight what we have threatened to do on so many occasions but playing five in the middle allowed us to not only break Liverpool down and stop them putting anything together, but also pass the ball and more importantly look for the pass.

Liverpool were beaten tonight by a better midfield team and specifically a better central midfield. Reo-Coker, Sidwell and Petrov bossed the midfield at Anfield and we deserved the three points, I just hope O´Neill sees why and doesn´t revert to 4-4-2 any time soon.

Not only did we contain Liverpool, when we attacked we also looked good, on both wings but more importantly, our full backs got into the game and Reo-Coker was, once again, fantastic.

You´ve probably guessed, that Reo-Coker is my man of the match but all round, I think we had a great game but it was the formation and Brad Friedel that got us the three points tonight. I might have forgotten to mention this, but Friedel made some very good saves tonight.

So, this is it for tonight. I am going to go to bed happy, but not for a while, I want to enjoy the moment and hear what O´Neill has to say about it and hopefully something on 4-5-1.

Does this make me fickle?