Job done: Aston Villa 3 Hull 0

The most difficult thing would have been to not win today. Hull have a terrible away record having only picked up two points on their travels all season and while they've had a better run of late, they are not exactly the most exciting team to watch.

So the job today was very much about just doing what we do and taking the chances. We did and we picked up the three points with goals from Richard Dunne, one you will have to see to believe (not a typical defenders goal), you won't believe me, James Milner with another one you have to see to believe (Steve Sidwell not even on the pitch helped set it up) and John Carew, with a penalty very late on after Webcam was brought down in the box.

But Hull were poor also, it wasn't all us. We played as we normally play but with a little extra spice as Downing started and played on the left and right - switching a lot with Webcam, while Milner, playing in the middle mostly, also seemed to get everywhere today and while the crossing from all could do with a little work, Downing looks to have a decent one on him from both left and right.

The best part of today though isn't our three points, which if we are honest, we always expected, but the fact that, Liverpool have dropped two points at Ewood park, meaning we move up to fifth, four points above Manchester City too, who are going to lose to Chelsea at home this evening.

Talking about Manchester City for a moment, where can I get odds on Mark Hughes not seeing in 2010 as Manchester City manager; anyone know?

Before I leave you to have a glass of wine (forgot to buy beer), they'll be a post mortem tomorrow and a look at the papers, but in the meantime, please vote for your man of the match. I'm going for James Milner, he did okay today.