Happy days: Aston Villa beat Chelsea

This is an easy and quick post to pass on the news that we beat Chelsea today 2-1 at Villa Park and we deserved it.

Richard Dunne and James Collins scored from corners, both from the same side and well, we actually deserved it.

We started with Carew and Gabby but I think it fair to write that Carew didn´t play in a traditional 442 formation, more a 4411 or even at times 451 and when we did we looked solid.

He isn´t a midfielder but he gets in the way and getting in the way is important. When he did stay up it gave Chelsea more space and we were opened up a couple of times and it was only Friedel that saved us.

Emile Heskey came on with 10 minutes to go for Carew and Gabby went to the right to form very much the same formation we ended the Fulham game and it was enough to stifle Chelsea.

Post-mortem tomorrow and please vote for your man of the match. I think I´m going to vote Collins, but I´ll save that for tomorrow.