Aston Villa beat Cardiff to reach the next round of the Carling Cup

Post-mortem tomorrow but I´m not going to pretend to be able to comment on the match tonight as I didn´t see it and only heard bits, so hopefully by tomorrow I will have read a bit about it, but it won´t be the most knowledgeable post from me tonight or tomorrow for that matter, but we do have some sent in content and hopefully a bit of news too.

Bottom line, the result is all that matters and we won and our name is in the hat for the next round.

Regular visitors will know though that I am a big fan of silverware and I hope we take this tournament seriously, other clubs around us will be.

In other results tonight, Manchester United are about to win 1-0 against Wolves after playing most of the match with ten men.

Chelsea, Spurs and Everton also all won but Manchester City, as of writing this are drawing with Fulham at home with moments to go. Has the bubble burst for Hughes already? I hope not, I have Manchester City in four bets tonight and they have to win for them all to come in.

Right, I have duties to attend to, more tomorrow.