Aston Villa beat an above average Liverpool side

A game of football is all about scoring more goals than your opponent. If you score more goals than your opponent, you win. Liverpool couldn't score yesterday, we could.

There will be some, me included, that comment on the style of football but it won the game and as that is what the game is about, you have to sort of accept it.

And it worked yesterday and against Hull last time out, but it isn't going to last forever. Although even though I write it and I believe it, some sides have done well playing this way. It's just not the nicest football to watch.

But and I'll say it again, in the long run, I'd take a boring 1-0 win week in week out, if it meant we were winning things.

A look to Liverpool

And this wouldn't be a proper post unless we looked at the opposition for a moment and Liverpool fans wont like me writing this, but they're going to be fighting for fourth place this season.

Any hope they had that they would challenge surely has to be thrown out the window now. Sure, losing Suarez would effect most sides, but they didn't spend the money wisely enough and on yesterdays performance £16mn seems like a lot to pay for Balotelli.

Sure, he'll get better, but I'm not convinced with Lallana and there are some other players in that side that will never play for a side that wins the league. Liverpool made the mistake that all clubs make from time to time and that is they let the manager spend the money.

Still, a great old club with some of the best support in football. But if you can't score a goal against a side that sits in it's own half for 75 minutes, you don't deserve to win anything.