Aston Villa at White Hart Lane: Preview, prediction and early team news

Based on what I have read over the past few years, Spurs are one of those clubs that you either hate or have no feelings for whatsoever. You don't ever like them or have a soft spot for them. Yes, there are exceptions, but generally it is hate/dislike or nothing.

I can understand too. Spurs fans tend to have this arrogance about them that makes you want to dislike them. Yes, there are exceptions to this also and I've got a couple of mates that support Spurs and I'd happily sit in a pub with either of them all day and they are mates, but we have stopped talking football a long time ago.

You see, Spurs are just like us. They are a big club. Okay, they are not as big as us but they are close. If you want to look at it from day one, we have won more than them.

Okay, Spurs fans will argue that they are bigger, but they're not. Sure, they generate more money, but so do Newcastle. The amount of money you generate doesn't matter, results matter and whichever way you want to look at it, we are bigger than Spurs.

But, enough about Spurs and I only write that to hopefully stop the 'we're a bigger club than you' comments that always seem to come whenever we have a Spurs match coming up. You're not, accept it, move on, go argue with QPR about that.

White Hart Lane

It's a nice stadium and very snug and always a fun place to go and an even nicer place to leave with three points. It's nice, because it isn't easy and you know if you win at Spurs you've usually watched a good game.

To beat Spurs you have to play football and create chances. If you sit back or try to protect something against Spurs, you won't beat Spurs and that is why it is nice to leave White Hart Lane if you have won. That is what we need to do tomorrow and if we do it, we can beat Spurs, but it is about attacking the game and not sitting back.

Don't get me wrong, we can sit back against any team and get a point and some would argue now that a point at White Hart Lane is a good point and it is hard to disagree. However, if we are ever going to consider ourselves a team expecting anything other than top six, then we have to start to go to places like White Hart Lane and expect to give it a go, not sit back and not play for a point.

Early Team News

We know Warnock won't be playing for a couple of weeks while he rests and we also know that even if Marc Albrighton was at full fitness and had just scored a hat-trick of free kicks for the reserves, he wouldn't be playing either, but he isn't at full fitness. So, we are left to ponder the ability of Stan Petrov and John Carew - and well, only O'Neill knows it they will play.

Nigel Reo-Coker won't be playing for a while sadly, but even if he were fit, I don't think he would have played much, but I expect he'll come back just as strong.

So, if I were a betting man, I'd pick exactly the same team that started the last match. I don't think you have to be a genius to figure out that is the most likely team, if the players are available.


This is too difficult to predict. It depends what Spurs team turn up and it depends on how we play and it depends on what mood the likes of Gabby and Webcam are in. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on a score draw but really wouldn't be surprised if Spurs stole it or we left with three points.

It is an important game though. If Spurs win, they'll be five points ahead of us, if we win, we'd be a point ahead of them, so when you look at it like that, I think a fiver on a draw at 9/4 seems like a good price.

But, you get a chance to predict below too. No t-shirt today, as I'm told I have none left after the three that are going out today - so sorry for the delay for those expecting one.

Right, that is almost it for today. But, there is also some news on the web here are some links.