Aston Villa at Spurs, Lambert wants to get paid and I did

First, to the news of the day and reports this morning have surfaced that Paul Lambert is looking for around £2mn from Norwich for unfair dismissal. Didn't he resign and then didn't Norwich not accept it? What exactly has happened it appears, is unclear.

The thing is, when you start to get whiff of a large sum of money like that, it makes sense to explore it. I mean, what would you do if you thought there was a chance of getting that amount of money; you'd explore it and see what happens. Talking of money, Genting paid the two months they owed, but the next pay day is in a couple of weeks, lets see if they pay then.

Aston Villa at Spurs

But this is a match post and we have a test this weekend and one I don't think we will fail at. We might not win, or even leave London with a point, but I think whatever happens, we might very well be impressed.

You see, going to Spurs is not easy. One thing we can be sure of is that they are going to attack and the tempo will be high for 90 plus minutes and the only way to combat that is to play it the exact same way. Sunday will come down to who wants it more and which players are on form.

If Gabby is on form, he can terrorise their full backs and create chances for Darren Bent, who must be assured of a starting place against his former club after coming on last weekend and rescuing a point. You'd also like to think that he would like to put in one of those performances where the faith is renewed, not that I've ever lost it in him.

And when you've got players that are playing well, our central midfield seem to be doing that at the moment, it does provide hope that something can happen, which is why I don't think we will fail the test because the manger just has to get them up for this game, form will hopefully provide the rest, but that is why I think it could be a good Sunday.

Odds and prediction

So, to my prediction and my heart says we can win this, but my head says we will not lose. I often go with my head in these situations but on Sunday it will be very much my heart, but today and with my fiver, I'm going for a score draw and I might even put it on 3-3.

Your predictions below please.