Aston Villa at Portsmouth, Milly and Webcam and Martin O'Neill and John Carew

It is going to be a long day. We play Pompey at 4pm but there is speculation in the papers that John Carew will be joining Fulham in the summer, because he has spent £2.6mn on a house in Battersea and the other bit of speculation is that Martin O'Neill is set to walk out on the club in the summer.

See why I think it is going to be a long day? We could pretend that there was nothing in the papers about those two things and mention them tomorrow, but I don't think I'd get away with that.

John Carew

John Carew is after one more big pay day and he'll get that if he moves on. He will be 31 in September and he only has one year left on his contract with us so if he wants the money, he has to go. He could play out his contract, but who is going to want a 32 year old striker on a free?

Chances are good he'll get some cash on a free, but I think chances are better that he will get a nice new contract with a new team this summer and well, can you blame him? Deep down, can you blame him if he did leave?

Martin O'Neill

We really don't know what this man will do but if he does leave, we will then truly see what Randy Lerner wants from Aston Villa.

If he appoints Mark Hughes, it would be a huge gamble and some would argue he is setting out his stall to not finish in the top four. I think Hughes would have an outside chance if given some funds but he wouldn't be my first choice and I know that after not really looking at options.

But, it is just speculation. Some say O'Neill has taken us as far as he can and some say he needs more money. Some say he needs a Director of Football and the report in the News of the World suggests that could be one of the reasons why he isn't happy and he's thrown his toys out of the pram.

We will find out soon enough.

Webcam & Milly

Something started yesterday about these two and Martin O'Neill is quoted in one of the papers today, not specifically talking about them, but he sort of is.

Martin O'Neill
Some clubs are maybe not living within their means. We have tried to do that. We have invested in players and I hope we don't have to sell. But we could certainly double our money on two or three players if that was the case.

I think we could maybe double our money on Milner, but that is about it but I also think he will get better with us. I also think Webcam will get better with us too but he needs given time and he needs better direction, but that will come. Sometimes it isn't about a 50/50 but about keeping the ball - it is just about learning when to take the risk.


I'm looking forward to this match because this has away win written all over it. The only way Pompey will win is if O'Neill plays all his players and they are even more tired than they look after an hour and basically can't finish.

I don't think that will happen and I fancy we have won this match with a few goals too. Pompey will have both eyes on the FA Cup - they are relegated and they don't care about this league any more.

We will update this page with team news and everything else throughout the day and we will also be live on Twitter if you are that way inclined.