Aston Villa 3 QPR 2: It was rewarding to watch that match and see Aston Villa players that have come through the ranks play such a pivotal role

With performances like that, from the likes of Weimann and Guzan, it is fair to say that there will be interest in these players during the summer. But playing the likes of Weimann, with players he grew up with is going to make it difficult for him to walk away.

Getting Guzan back, after letting him go in the summer is also going to be good for us, because it is clear he is liked and it's also clear that he is a fantastic keeper (I wanted to use world class to describe him there but thought it a bit too much, but he isn't far off).

And they were the stand out players today, but not the only ones that put in a shift. Bannan is looking very good and he isn't pinging around hopeful balls around anymore, instead picking his passes and keeping hold of the ball. He's also making space and making it easy for his fellow players.

And the football we are playing helps. I've not seen the stats yet but I'd be surprised if there was a game this season that we passed the ball more in and it might not have felt like it at the end of the first half, but it paid off in the end.

WE dominated possession today and while QPR might have had more shots, their second goal was a deflection and the first came from a Bennett accident. Our three goals and I can't write this often, came from something we created, although it could be argued the second was a little fortunate, in the way it was created.

Overall, I do believe playing our own players is paying dividends and okay, we beat the team bottom of the table, but we still had to beat them and they were on a good run. There is a belief with this team now and that is only going to grow with these players.

Right, my man of the match is Guzan and if you don't know why, watch Match of the Day, but Weimann and Bannan, as well as Gabby, Benteke and Sylla deserve a hat tip. I'm going to have a beer.