Aston Villa 3 Norwich 2: Three points and a great performance from Gabby

Gabby won this match for us. He made one from the left, made one from the right and chased a back pass down to beat the keeper to it and slot home.

Take away Gabby today and we might not have won. He was that good and we were that reliant on him.

The result is about right too as Bent could have had another, or should have had another and Norwich looked like you would expect them to look, but all things equal, we were always going to win this game and all that matters is that we've put three points on the board.

It was nice to see Jenas make his debut too but I have to admit, I was very surprised the manager didn't drop one of the defenders after the poor set piece defending last time out and his comments the week before that.

I honestly don't know what write about it. I thought this manager was a man of his word but he appears to be just another media whore, saying what he thinks people want to hear. It isn't good enough.

The football isn't good enough either, but that is for another day. We have three points and I'm feeling good, so I'm going to eat some food and drink some beer.

Please vote o the right. You know the score.