Aston Villa 3 Brighton 2: Goals from The Fonz, Webcam and Delph

I'm not going to pass off that I have any idea how the match went today, because I don't, this is just a news post. Aston Villa put their name in the hat for the next round.

I can tell you that Albrighton, before he came off with an injury and after only five minites, set up the Fonz for the opener and it put a huge smile on my face, but since then, I have not been anywhere near a TV or radio, so it wouldn't be fair of me to comment on the match.

But, I can say that we won and we won with a heavily changed side and that I am happy that some of the younger players got a chance today.

Comment on the match will be left to someone that saw it and to mr omorroow, when I would have done.