Aston Villa 1 Sunderland 1: Aston Villa still unbeaten in 2010, in the league

With the man of the match poll I usually only give you the option to vote for the starting eleven but with Heskey going off so early tonight, I'm including The Fonz - just in case you were wondering.

But to the match. The result really does say it all. I can gloss it over for though; the first half was very good. End to end stuff, much like Wolves and Wigan and it was really quite enjoyable to watch.

The second half wasn't as good and on chances it was probably even, but Sunderland probably had most of it. There you go, I've glossed it over. At the end of the day it is only a point, when at the start of the season or month even, most would have put this down as three points.

We also saw two or three good crosses from Webcam tonight. We saw some not so good crosses - but percentage wise, I think we will find his success rate has gone up tomorrow. His cross for our goal was quite literally inch perfect.

Tired legs

For the first twenty-five minutes or so, the players gave it everything but it was impossible to keep it up for ninety minutes, even if they hand't played so many games recently. If only there was something the manager could do to rest a few or give one or two a little break every now and then as some of them are starting to loo a little tired. It is a conundrum.

More gloss

We are still unbeaten, in the league, this year. It actually is quite impressive and if you think about it - all we have to do is learn how to turn draws into wins and that that line will be used by some, but at the end of the day, a point is a point and it isn't three. We need a big summer and it might just happen next season.


Bottom line, we failed to take advantage and with Everton beating Manchester City at home, we remain in seventh place. Post-mortem tomorrow but take nothing away from the players tonight - they gave 100% for the entire match - they will not be criticised for lack of effort or determination.