Aston Villa 1 Spurs 2: Maybe another few days in Dubai are needed?

The thing about opinions is, we all have them and they are all usually fairly unique and when it comes to our football team, they are also usually quite passionate.

Also, when you believe in your opinion, it can be extremely frustrating when you stand by it and the opposite happens on the football pitch and it all goes wrong.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that with the players Martin O´Neill has available to him and the type of game he likes to play, that the best way for us to play is 4-5-1 and when we did it this season, we were doing better than we have been playing 4-4-2.

Like I say, it´s just my opinion and I´m just frustrated at the moment because we´ve given away our place in the top four today and despite the break in Dubai, the break many players got by not going to Moscow, none of it really seems to have done any good.

I know also, me daring to mention formation again is going to wind a few people up, so I´m probably going to stop thinking about it for a while, but today was sort of another example of us playing against a team with an extra man in the middle.

Whenever Spurs were defending, Robbie Keane dropped back. Whenever they went forward, they went forward down both side and with two strikers. It was frustrating to watch.

What was also frustrating was seeing Reo-Coker play at left back, after starting at right back and for a minute playing at centre back, when we had a left back and centre back on the bench and a right back starting the game at left back.

But, for all my frustrations, the fact remains we´re on the same points as Arsenal and anything is possible, it´s just that with Liverpool and United coming up, the future doesn´t look as bright as it did back in December.

I´m going to have a look at the papers tomorrow and some player ratings so if you have any, please leave them below and they might get used and while I know some will be as frustrated as me tonight, lets try and keep the comments as clean as possible and try and just think about how far we´ve come in the past three seasons.

We also all know what Martin O´Neill will be saying after the game, but I´m afraid I´ll be ignoring it for tonight, because I´ve heard it all before. Instead, I´m going to go watch a film or something and try to forget about the result today and those of the last few weeks.