Aston Villa 1 Norwich 1: Guzan saves a point for Aston Villa

Let me get these things out of the way first; we were lucky to go in at half time leading and we were lucky not to lose that game. Brad Guzan made three fantastic saves that basically make him my man of the match, by a Swedish mile.

But we should be happy with the point. It could be what keeps us out of the relegation zone by the end of the weekend.

And if you've got anything to say about the manager, say it below. I'm starting to lose patience because I'm not seeing anything that isn't common sense or the basics. Sure, we pass it about a bit, but that is something every Premier League team can do. We've got nobody that can change a game and on top of that, it doesn't look like we have a plan.

I know the players are having fun in training and I know the manager will say we were unlucky or we worked hard and that it will come, but we were lucky today. We were very lucky to get a point at home to Norwich.

Ten men doesn't help

And Joe Bennett, playing at left back instead of Eric Lichaj who played very well in that position earlier in the season, got himself a second yellow card seven minutes into the second half and that really is like asking a team with no plan to hold on for dear life.

I don't know what else to say. It was hard today and while we did have periods when we looked the better side, Norwich will consider themselves the team that should have won. We were just average. In fact, when you put it all together, we're not even average and that is a real worry nine games into the season.