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Aston Villa 1 Manchester City 0: Darren Bent scores on debut

This really was a game of two halves. The first half was Aston Villa and we looked good. We looked like a team that believed anything was possible.

The second half was all Manchester City and when I say all Manchester City, I really do mean all Manchester City, but for all the money they have spent, they couldn't get a goal. They couldn't put the lion to bed.

I'm going to go into it more tomorrow but I will say this; there was a belief in the first half and I think the manager set us up to defend in the second.

That belief came from Darren Bent and he did what we paid £18mn for - he scored and he ultimately won the game. It was fucking fantastic.

More tomorrow. But for now, please vote for your man of the match, just to make it official, but I think I know where it is going.

As for me; I'm ecstatic. Over the moon. On top of the world. I believe and towards the end tonight, judging by what I heard, I think others do too.