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Aston Villa 0 Wigan 3: Does Paul Lambert know what he is doing?

When you lose to Chelsea by eight, you can be concerned. When you then lose by four to Spurs, you have every right to be a little worried. When you then go out and lose by three to Wigan, you've got every right to question if the manager knows what he is doing.

You might not think that is right or you might think it's a bit harsh, but I don't. We are now just above the relegation zone and have scored less than any other side in the Premier League and have the worst goal difference in the entire league to add to that.

Does he know what he is doing?

So, yes, I think we can question the manager. I mean, what had he done in management to warrant the job? It is another serious question. He only started managing in 2005 and we are his fifth club - he has never had any real time at a club to see what he is really capable of.

And what is this three at the back? How many of these youngsters developed playing three at the back? I can tell you that none of the Aston Villa academy players played three at the back and I doubt the likes of Bennett and Lowton did in the Championship.

Add to that, Lambert is the one that went out and brought in all the younger players that he will no doubt mention in is post-match conference. No dount he'll also mention how he cant fault them for effort. Where have we heard all this blarney before?

No, he has no excuses. He is the one that is not playing some of the older players we have in the squad and he wasn't interested in playing Bent when he was fit. I'm just not sure if it is because he is stubborn, inexperience or not aware. Or maybe a mixture of those because I'm seeing very little to even suggest why I can't ask these questions.

Leaving early and boos

And this isn't just me. Lots of supporters left when we went 2-0 down very early in the second half and even more left when we went three-nil down. Add to that the boos at half time and the final whistle; it's not just me asking if the manager knows what he is doing.

But this is where I'm going to leave it now because this isn't a joke and I could write something I regret. Lambert has to start showing that he knows what he is doing and very very soon.