Aston Villa 0 Southampton 1 and now we're in the relegation zone

You can quite easily argue that we are missing some quality but at the exact same time we have quality not getting a game and when I say quality, I mean the likes of Ireland and Warnock.

Now, you might say say that they're not great players or haven't been for us and you could be right, but then look at the players this manager has brought in. Where is the evidence that he'll bring in players that are any better?

You could also argue that Lambert is just out of his depth and that his style of football isn't suited to the Premier League. Both arguments work and I could take both sides and be happy knowing that I was right.

You can also see that we are trying to play football a different way but it isn't working and why it isn't working could be any number of reasons, but they are definitely not all down to the players.

The match

So, we find ourselves playing a side that of late have been playing good football but were pre-season favourites for the drop. They got a goal from a penalty that was a clear dive, but they created chances.

They had us on the back foot for chunks of the match and apart from the last fifteen minutes, when it was mostly us chasing a point, for every attack we had, they had one.

We lost to a team that played better football too. We were trying, but they were better.

The relegation zone

And I've written about this next part quite a bit over the previous two seasons and now this one but we look like we are in trouble now. The past two seasons there has always been three sides worse than us, but right now we are one of the three worst sides in the Premier League.

And that is why, after 22 games of this season, we find ourselves in the relegation zone.

This is not where a club like ours should be and something has to happen. Either the manager is given a serious amount of cash to bring in some proven quality or a new manager is brought in and any new manager coming is also going to want cash.

Either way, if the owner doesn't do it and do it soon, I fear we could be going down this season. We look really poor.