Aston Villa 0 Liverpool 2: Uninspiring and poor football. McLeish has to go

What can I write? Did anyone think the result or performance was going to be anything different? If you did, you're mad. That was what we were going to get from before kick off and that is what we will always get with this manager. He has to go.

It is now getting to the stage where you have to make your voices heard - just like those that booed at full time. The problem we have is that our owner is so rarely at the stadium, how do you make him hear?

And, we are stuck with this owner because he owns 100% of the club. The last one was a shareholder and there was something we could do, but this one owns the club and can do whatever he wants, so it is fairly pointless having a pop at him - but he needs to learn that he cant do this.

Here for the cash and only the cash

Some will remember this, others wont, but I've long said that Lerner is only here for the money. He has no interest in the Champions League, but he knew supporters wanted to hear that, so that was what he told us. Now, he talks about Europe - because he knows people want to hear that.

But none of that really matters. It isn't going to happen with this manager and when we are two down and playing poor and uninspiring football and I saw him laughing and smiling on the touchline, it made me want to slap him. Not punch or kick - just a slap. He deserves it.

I also love thirty minutes in a room with Lerner and I want to tell him why it wont happen with this manager and I want to tell him what he has to do, but he wont listen because it will cost money and while he'll say he has long term plans, we know he doesn't, because you can't with this manager.

He is only interested in what he can get out and if that means putting the club in even more debt, he will do it. I for one am getting properly fed up of him - he needs to act.

Just accept it

The other option, is to just accept it. The club want that. They want us to spend money and not demand anything, but when that finally happens, the club is dead. We can not allow that to happen. But we are tenth now and QPR in 15th, if they win their next game, could go above us.

Don't accept it. Don't become one fo their puppets. But we are close. How depressing was that performance and how embarrassing that Liverpool supporters out sing the home supporters.