Aston Villa 0 Liverpool 1: Torres in the 93rd minute

What can I say? We did enough for a point tonight but Liverpool stole it in the 93rd minute when Torres was put through and when Torres is put through like that, he doesn´t miss.

The bad news is, despite Manchester City not playing tonight, we are now going to enter 2010 in sixth place, which when you look at last season, isn´t good.

But, I don´t want to dwell too much on why we lost tonight, because like I said, we did enough for a point, so I´m going to ask that you do.

Why didn´t we score? Why didn´t we create enough chances? What are we missing?

I know my views on this and I don´t want to bang the drum, I want others to have a say. But I will say that in my head just a few minutes ago I was thinking about us taking four points off Liverpool and I was more than happy and if you offered me three at the start of the season, I would probably have taken that too.

But that doesn´t hide what we have seen tonight and what we saw against arsenal and what we say last season and the season before.

So now, I am going for more wine and I am going to hope to vote for man of the match while I get drunk.